5 Tips on Being Crafty with Your Significant Other

Alright, so before you dig into this article, note that I’m not a crafty person. In fact, I consider myself quite bland and uninspired when it comes to creativity. I enjoy unique and creative ideas, but my skills in creativity with art and hands-on activities are very lacking.

But let’s be honest, getting crafty with your wife, husband, significant other, soul mate, or what have you is something that is great for growing together, expressing yourselves, and simply bonding together. Even if you also consider yourself as uncreative as me, you can do these few things to bond with your bae and have lots of fun doing it, too.

Do something you both want to do.
Whether you choose to paint silly portraits of one another together, create ornaments for the holidays, or string together some cheap friendship bracelets, just make sure you’re both having fun and it’s an activity you can both do, not just one of you.

Limit the time.
I think we all seem to think that craft time requires a lot of time to think, do, refine, and clean up. You should really only spend time setting up, getting at it, and cleaning up. Art is messy and art is fun because it’s messy. Don’t overthink whatever it is you’re doing, as you may be less interested in doing it again with your special someone in the future. Spend no more than 30 minutes doing something and get to cleaning up.

Prepare a mess-free area.
You don’t want paint, glue, and paper scraps everywhere on your nice hardwood table, do you? Buying some sort of cheap plastic tablecover will protect your furniture (and even the floor). This also saves you a lot of time during the cleanup process.

Be cheap.
There’s no reason to spend a lot on art supplies or specific, high-dollar tools and paint when you can use a lot that you have around the house already. You’d be surprised at what all you can get out of your assortment of things at home, such as packaging supplies: scissors, packaging tape, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap are all things that you could use to get crafty together.

Have. Fun.
Don’t stress about the mess. And don’t even begin to worry about the time or think about the next project. The whole point should be to have fun together and encourage one another to have fun. Bonding and laughing and being creative together is very beneficial for your relationship.

No matter how much you lack creativity, it’s easy to set aside time to just do something new and hands-on. You’ll love it. They’ll love it.

See? Craft time isn’t as hard as you thought. Bust out the packaging supplies you cast aside long ago. Grab some cheap paint and plastic table covers. Get to crafting.

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